Team 4719 was a Western Canada Regional Winner!

"Sport For The Mind!"

"Hardest Fun You'll Ever Have!"

Official Team 4719 FIRST Robotics Reveal for Recycle Rush

Thank you to all Sponsors, Mentors and Team Members for helping build this awesome robot. We'd also like to thank 4334 for letting us use their practice facility. See everyone at the St Louis Championships!

Produced by Jerry Tseng. Visit his page for more of his quality work!

"Break the Mould!"

"Encourage Careers in STEM!"

Click HERE for more information on our Robot!

Who are we?

We are a high school robotics club and team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our members are students who attend Sir Winston Churchill High School. FRC Team 4719 gives these students the opportunity to learn and take interest in technology, science, mathematics and engineering in a fun and stimulating way under the guidance of professional mentors and teachers. We are a competing team of the incredibly inspiring FIRST Robotics Competition. What is FIRST? Click HERE to find out!

What is FRC? Watch this introductory Video: